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Chapter 82 Chat Record

  • After I was done with that, I went to check their chat record on my phone.
  • One of the latest messages read, ‘Hubby, can I see you tonight? I’m missing you, and the baby is too.’
  • ‘Hubby, it’s already ten. Why aren’t you here yet?’
  • ‘Is she stopping you from coming out?’
  • ‘Hubby, give her some sleeping pills then. You can get away soon enough.’
  • Did she just call Carson ‘hubby’? If that wasn’t nauseating, I didn’t know what was. I kept on reading the messages, where each was more horrifying and disgusting than the last. Jolene was one evil slut. Now, she was trying to pull off the old trick just so she could meet Carson! I bet she didn’t expect that Carson would be the one on the receiving end this time instead of me.
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