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Chapter 80 Two-timing Is Hard

  • She must have been bored out of her mind to scroll through her phone and comment that quickly. I could just imagine how livid she was seeing the photos. ‘Yeah,’ I answered.
  • A few minutes later, Carson’s phone rang. This time, he didn’t end the call, but instead, he took it outside. It didn’t take long for him to come back, but I noticed the anger in his eyes despite the smile on his face. Obviously, Jolene must have argued with him.
  • I sneered quietly. Two-timing isn’t easy, huh, you scum?
  • Thanks to Jolene’s intervention, Carson’s mood was marred through the whole dinner. He was silent on the way back and only grunted whenever I tried to make conversation. He was human, after all. His successful two-timing before this wasn’t because he was smart, but because I trusted him enough for him to abuse it.
  • Now that I was pressuring him from the shadows, it became a thorn in his side. Since he couldn’t stop me from posting those photos, he would have to try calming Jolene now. Obviously, he was trying to come up with a way for that.
  • I knew Jolene must be panicking right now, while Carson would explain himself to her. He had a glib tongue, so if he did go to the hospital, it would be easy for him to calm her down. So my job now was to keep an eye on him and stop him from going to the hospital.
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