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Chapter 78 Prank Calls

  • Carson glanced at it and ended the call, but a moment later, it rang again. He frowned and chose not to take it.
  • That must have been from Jolene. “Why didn’t you take it, honey?” I asked.
  • “It’s a prank call. There’s no need to take it,” he answered. However, his phone rang again, but this time, he didn’t end the call immediately. Worried I might suspect something, he took the call in front of me. Before the caller could say anything, he scolded, “What’s wrong with you? I thought I told you not to call me today! I have an important business to settle!”
  • Carson ended the call and hurled his phone, much to my ‘shock.’ “Honey, you were fierce!”
  • “It’s my secretary. I told her yesterday I’d be busy with something today and told her not to call me, but she keeps forgetting it.”
  • “Something important must have cropped up now that she’s calling you.”
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