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Chapter 77 Keep This a Secret

  • Carson noticed he let something slip too, but he reacted fast. “I heard her talking to Mom about it.”
  • Damn you! I was seething with anger. “Oh, right. I want to tell Jolene about this. She helped me a lot when I found out I’m infertile. Now that I’m pregnant, I want to tell her about the good news. She’ll be excited, right?”
  • “I don’t think you should tell anyone about this for now, honey,” Carson objected.
  • “Why?” I looked at him innocently. “This is good news, so why can’t everyone share the happiness?”
  • “Of course, it’s good news, but you can’t tell everyone about this.” Carson looked concerned. “They say you should keep it a secret for the first trimester, or else you’d have a miscarriage. We have to keep it a secret for the baby.”
  • Is he actually trying to blindside me that way? Laughable. I shook my head. “It’s just superstition. Besides, Jolene is my friend.”
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