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Chapter 66 Disgust

  • “What is it?”
  • “I might have to work overtime a lot, since there’s a lot going on in the company. You’ll have to take care of yourself for a bit. Don’t worry about Jolene, though. I told my mom what to look out for.”
  • Oh, I saw what he was going for. Being busy was just an excuse for him to take care of Jolene at night. I felt like tearing him to shreds, but I lied through my teeth, “Work is important, so leave the family to me. Victoria can take care of Jolene, so call Mom back. At her age, she shouldn’t be toiling.”
  • Carson was grinning, but a moment later, the smirk was wiped from his face. “Mom isn’t that old yet. She can take this much.”
  • “That’s not the problem. Jolene’s my friend, so there’s no need for Mom to work so hard for her. Besides, we have Victoria. She’s here to take care of Jolene in the first place. Now that Jolene’s in trouble, it’s time for Victoria to work.” Once I said that, Carson’s smile stiffened up.
  • “Victoria has to look after the family, right? You have to work and take care of Keira. Dad’s still not recovered yet, and you don’t like his cooking. Eliza’s more trouble than she’s worth, so Victoria staying home is the best choice.”
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