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Chapter 65 Suspicious Nanny

  • “She went into my room?” I was surprised. Why did she go into my room? I thought about the traces and grease on the rug. Did Jolene slip and fall in my room? Why was the rug greasy anyway? I came back to my room with those questions in mind. I called Isabella and told her about my discovery, forgetting about my shower.
  • “Lily, that nanny sounds suspicious. Is she involved in Jolene’s slipping?” Isabella was surprised to hear that too.
  • “But she’s just a nanny. She shouldn’t have anything to do with Jolene.”
  • “True. There shouldn’t be any bad blood between them. Say, could she have spilled it by accident and made her slip?” Isabella asked.
  • “It’s possible,” I agreed. “But why does she need to go to my room?”
  • “Yeah, why did that b*tch go to your room?” Isabella was baffled too. “Now that there’s one more person there, and said person is on bad terms with her, shouldn’t she keep a low profile?”
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