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Chapter 6 Ungrateful Bunch

  • I was so furious that I almost gave Jolene a slap for how eager she was trying to take over my position by having Keira call her ‘Mom.’ While Jolene’s face was a little pale under my stare, she tried to maintain her composure as she smiled at me. “Lily, didn’t I tell you that I’d like to be Keira’s godmother? You had me ask for her permission, so I tried to, but it seems like she misunderstood my intentions.”
  • After listening to her explanation, I mentally scoffed as I kept a straight face. That b*tch used to tell me she wanted Keira to be her goddaughter, which I assumed was due to her liking Keira, only to discover now that she never had pure intentions to begin with. The terms ‘mother’ and ‘godmother’ were similar, which might be confusing, but I knew full well that she must’ve tried to feel the situation out using the former.
  • Carson was visibly more relaxed upon hearing her explanation as he wore a smile on his face while looking toward Keira. “Miss Hamilton was just joking, Keira, so you—”
  • “How could you crack a joke using my mother? Keira will only have Lilian as my mother!” Her anger persisted as Keira wasn’t about to buy into Carson’s explanation, and while her words brought solace to me, Jolene’s face got even paler upon hearing what Keira said.
  • After dinner, Jolene didn’t loiter in an attempt to get me to tell her to stay. Instead, she was adamant on leaving. Meanwhile, my reaction during dinner made Carson feel uneasy, thus I feigned ignorance as he observed me when I sent Jolene off like usual.
  • He followed suit upon noticing I was behaving normally, while I led Keira to wash herself up. It was when I was washing her hands that she told me, “Mommy, Miss Isabella told me that Miss Hamilton is a vixen, so I don’t like her!”
  • So it was because of Isabella that Keira hated Jolene even more... I smiled bitterly as I realized I should tell Isabella to stop dragging Keira into this, as she was still too young. “Don’t listen to Miss Isabella’s nonsense.”
  • “I’m not spouting nonsense, Mommy! Miss Hamilton is a vixen, as she was talking behind your back in the hospital today with both Grandpa and Grandma!” Keira seemed furious.
  • “What did she say?”
  • “Grandma said you are a lazy woman who did nothing for the family, and all you knew was to use Dad! She even compared you to a hen who couldn’t lay eggs as you couldn’t give birth to a son, as well as saying that she would have Dad divorce you if it wasn’t for your father’s sake!”
  • I was startled. “Did they really say that?”
  • With a nod, Keira went on, “Miss Hamilton bad-mouthed you when Grandpa and Grandma said so. She said that you are selfish and weren’t being considerate to Dad. Mommy, I know you didn’t give me a brother because of me, so it’s not like what they said! I hate Miss Hamilton! I hate Grandpa and Grandma!”
  • Keira’s words brought about feelings of bitterness within me, as despite my knowledge of their dissatisfaction toward me, I never knew that I was perceived by them in such a manner. I assumed that I would eventually be able to influence them as long as I treated them with care and humility, but alas, I would only ever be someone who failed to procure them an heir.
  • It was such a shame! I gave up on everything for the sake of love when I could retain my status as the daughter of a prestigious family and marry rich. Besides, I wasn’t sterile before the miscarriage I suffered, which was due to the physical exertion I went through in order to help Carson set up his business. Despite what I did for them, the Boyers were never considerate toward me, as all they saw in me was a woman who failed them for not providing them with a family heir.
  • Besides, Carson was no longer the man he was, as he already gained enough assets to be able to have an affair with other women, so it only seemed natural that he would choose to do exactly that. Perhaps the only reason he didn’t break up with me was because of my father...
  • “Mommy, I love you! I will forever love you!” All of a sudden, Keira gave me a kiss on my cheek before saying with bright eyes. Her reaction brought about feelings of melancholy as I realized she was the best that I’d acquired through my marriage with Carson.
  • Upon sending Jolene off, Carson checked on my expression cautiously before suggesting that we visited his father in the hospital the next day, which I agreed to, so we went to the hospital the next morning after sending Keira to school.
  • Carson deliberately slowed his car down when we passed by a mall, at which he was hoping that I would buy some supplements from, as I used to remind him about that. However, I wasn’t in the mood to do that after realizing that the Boyers were but an ungrateful bunch who never appreciated my efforts, who no longer deserved my care and concern. Upon entering the ward, my mother-in-law was talking to her husband. Noticing that we came along with Keira, she looked at us, but as soon as she saw I came empty-handed, her expression soured.