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Chapter 500 Why Didn't She Call the Police

  • I consulted the doctor about the necessity of hiring a family doctor but was told that wouldn’t be necessary, as all I needed to do was make sure my father took his medication on time, as well as measure his blood pressure every day to keep a record of it.
  • However, I wasn't entirely convinced by what the doctor told me, so I decided to consult Eric. The fact that I would think to ask about his opinion on things made me realize all of a sudden that I had come to rely on him. It took a long time before the call connected after I dialed his number, so I asked, “Are you busy?”
  • “I'm in a meeting.”
  • “Oh, did I disturb you?”
  • “I quite like your disturbance, so tell me, what's going on?”
  • I told him my father's situation, to which he mulled over before saying, “Since the doctor said it's alright, I think you should let him go home, while I can get you a renowned cardiovascular specialist to attend to him personally.”
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