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Chapter 5 That B*tch Tried to Have Keira Call Her Mom

  • I walked into the living room as soon as I got out of bed to see Jolene talking with Carson on the sofa. Upon detecting my entry, the both of them turned to look at me. Their expression betrayed nothing out of place, as if they were merely friends.
  • “Darling, why didn’t you sleep more?” While asking out of concern, Carson approached me.
  • “I can no longer sleep,” I gave him a calm reply.
  • Then Jolene said affectionately, “I came to visit you after visiting Mr. Boyer as I heard that you hadn’t slept last night. Mrs. Boyer fetched Keira from Isabella, so I brought her along too.”
  • “Where is she?” After schooling my emotions, I asked calmly.
  • “She’s playing in her room,” said Jolene. Upon realizing that Keira was present, I refrained from throwing a fit at them. It wasn’t long before Carson served us our meal and called for us to eat. Jolene acted as if she were the owner of the house while she led Keira into the dining room in front of me.
  • Suppressing the feelings of dismay within me, I followed them into the dining room. Both Jolene and Keira were already seated when I arrived, but I quickly realized upon seeing the empty seats that Jolene and I were each sitting on both sides of Carson. It was a detail that I never noticed prior to that.
  • Carson gave me a bowl of soup before giving Jolene one, then Keira, then himself. Jolene sipped on it naturally before smiling at him. “Carson, the chicken soup you made is so tasty! It’s even better than the ones made by the chefs in a hotel!”
  • How dare you address him so intimately! In order to suppress my urge to splash the soup onto their faces, I retained a tight grip on my hand.
  • Upon noticing that I was staring at him with an odd look, Carson asked, “Lily, why don’t you try it? I made this for you.”
  • I was stunned by what he said, as I never liked chicken soup despite him constantly making them. However, I never told him that, as I thought it was commendable enough for him to cook for me.
  • Meanwhile, I stared at Jolene with doubt before recalling that she was always present whenever he made chicken soup, and she would enjoy the soup he made. My heart felt stung as I realized I was such an idiot for failing to notice the signs of them having an affair while right in front of me, not to mention I always finished the soup he made for the sake of my husband, who was cheating on me.
  • In an attempt to suppress my urge to just flip the table over, I clenched my fist as I turned to look at Keira by the table, then picked up my chopsticks to put some food into Keira’s bowl. Jolene followed suit upon observing my actions, only to have Keira pick out the food that Jolene gave her onto the table.
  • Upon noticing Keira’s actions, Carson seemed to empathize more with Jolene as he scolded Keira, “Keira, how dare you be so impolite to Miss Hamilton when she was trying to be nice to you?”
  • It sure seemed that my presence meant nothing to him when he tried to defend Jolene and scold Keira in front of me. I slapped my chopsticks on the table as my anger rose, but Keira opened up before I could, “She’s a bad person, so I don’t like her!” With a look of anger, Keira pointed at Jolene.
  • The countenance on Jolene’s face shifted as soon as Keira said so, while I was surprised by it, as Keira never displayed such hostility toward Jolene despite not liking her that much, so I wondered what was up with her.
  • Meanwhile, Carson looked toward me with an intimidated look on him as if suddenly having recalled something. Out of curiosity, I wanted to ask Keira about what happened, only to have her once again speak up before I could, “Miss Hamilton tried to have me call her Mom!” The expression on both Jolene and Carson’s face underwent a visible change as soon as she said so.