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Chapter 492 Back Then, I Was a Naive Romantic

  • “I was on a flight, but I’m home now. Where are you guys? How come nobody’s home?”
  • “I’m at the hospital now with Mrs. Fant because your father’s condition acted up.”
  • After getting the address of the hospital, I dropped my luggage and drove there, where I saw Dad on the drip while Mom and Mrs. Fant kept watch over him. Pacing over anxiously, I asked, “Why did his condition act up again?”
  • Sighing, Mom recounted, “I don’t know, but he was still fine last night. After dinner, he became terribly ill after a phone call. It scared the daylights out of us. Fortunately, we managed to send him here in time.”
  • “What did the doctor say?”
  • “What else but the usual; take the prescriptions on time, do checkups timely, pay more attention to his diet and such.”
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