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Chapter 490 Have You Been With a Lot of Women, Eric?

  • As he spoke, he inched in and wanted to kiss me. Pushing him aside, I said, “Eric, do you say you love me just because you need to blow off your steam?”
  • “You’re so heartless. If I only want to blow off some steam, do I need to come to you?”
  • That was true; as long as he was willing, girls would be making a beeline for him.
  • Feeling a little glum, I knew that we had never been equals. Countless women liked him, but who in their right mind would like me? “I’m not in the mood tonight, Eric.”
  • “But I’m in the mood to make love to you. Come on. I’ll make you feel good.” Shamelessly, he pushed me into the bathroom, saying, “Let’s take a shower first!”
  • “Get out. Otherwise, I won’t do it.”
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