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Chapter 486 This Is the End of Us

  • It was a torture to be with a possesive man, just like Isabella’s ex-boyfriend, the one she told me before. As a possessive man, he didn’t allow her to be in contact with anyone, especially other men, and she was not allowed to speak excessively with others. Besides being selfish, he was also bossy and was never considerate of others, making him an absolutely depraved person.
  • Now, I had noticed that Eric was also bossy and selfish as well. Furthermore, he always meant what he said. Could he be such a depraved person as well?
  • If that was true, then wouldn’t I be in for deep trouble? Encountering a disgusting jerk like Carson was already exhausting enough as it was, so wouldn’t it be akin to suicide if I had gotten myself involved with another possessive man like Eric? Unlike Carson, whom I could still plot against, there was no chance at all against him.
  • No, I decided that I didn’t want to enter the tiger’s den right after I had escaped from the wolves.
  • It wasn’t such a big deal if I didn’t agree to this deal anyway, but it was better for me to stay away from him. With this thought in mind, I turned around and left.
  • After only a few steps, I heard hurried footsteps from behind, and then Eric grabbed my hand, glaring angrily at me. “Have you lost your mind?”
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