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Chapter 48 Mrs Boyer Made Me Do It

  • Deliberately expressing a doubtful look on my face, I noticed Jolene’s expression changed abruptly as she wiped away her tears and started pouring out to me.
  • Knowing this slut, she would certainly drag others into this in order to save her own *ss.
  • “Lily, I had indeed made a fool of myself today, but I have a confession to make—I didn’t plan all of this.”
  • “What’s going on?” I asked while plastering a shocked expression on my face.
  • “Please don’t tell this to anyone. Actually, Mrs. Boyer was the one who made me do it,” said Jolene, as if she was deeply wronged. This slut thought I was still the kindhearted, innocent and gullible Lilian Hawkins.
  • “Mom? Why would she do that?” Not forgetting to pretend I was dumbfounded.
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