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Chapter 474 Why Should I Feel Sad

  • Splashing some cold water on my burning face made me feel better. I forced myself to take a few deep breaths while I thought to myself, Eric means nothing to me, so I shouldn’t be angry. He didn’t force me to have sex with him, and wouldn’t have treated me like that if I was more adamant in my refusal. I shouldn’t be blaming him, as all I have to blame is myself for forgetting the lessons I learned in the past.
  • It wasn’t after spending a long time in my room that I was able to make up my mind. Instead of staying, I felt an urge to leave Germania immediately, but I would have to tell Eric about it since he was holding onto my passport, so I couldn’t leave just like that even if I wished to. Thus, I decided to talk to him about it without betraying my own emotions after he woke up.
  • My mood improved after taking time to think things through in my room, after which I checked on flight tickets on my phone. There were no direct flights from Hamburg to Riverdale, so I would need a transfer in Frankfurt. Upon going through the flights, I locked onto the earliest one, which was set to leave by tomorrow noon.
  • With a plan in mind, I opened the door and went downstairs to wait for Eric to talk to him about it. However, I heard people talking upon reaching the living room, and I could see Beverly and Eric dining by the table as Sharon watched over them with a smile on her face.
  • Beverly was already changed out of her nightdress and into a casual outfit. There was a smile on her face, whereas Eric’s expression was obscured as he had his back to me. However, judging from how happy Beverly looked, I figured he had to be smiling as well. I could feel a fleeting sense of sadness within me, which shouldn’t be there in the first place, as it wasn’t the time to wallow in such an emotion, so I took a deep breath before walking into the dining room.
  • With a smile, Sharon greeted upon my entry, “Miss Hawkins.”
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