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Chapter 473 Being Totally Let Down After Getting My Hopes Up

  • The fact that he didn’t greet me despite having returned irked me, and it took me a while before falling asleep on bed. Waking up to broad daylight the next day, after washing up, I went downstairs for breakfast in a fresh change of clothes. Sharon had already prepared breakfast, but I was wondering while staring at the unoccupied table if Eric wasn’t going to join me for breakfast.
  • Seemingly having read my mind, Sharon responded, “Young Master Eric came home late last night, so he’s still sleeping.”
  • I gave a hum before digging into my food, which I finished quickly, then went for a stroll outside, only to find out that Eric hadn’t woken up still. Did he used to sleep this much? While ascending the stairs, I thought to myself, then lingered on the corridor to cast a glance at his room which Sharon left his luggage in last night.
  • The door to his room was closed, which indicated that he was still sleeping, so I wondered if I should go wake him up. However, I decided against it, opting instead to enter my own room. At that moment, there were sounds of a door opening behind me, during which I turned to see a woman walking out from his room through the open door.
  • I was startled upon seeing the woman’s face. Why is she here? The woman who came out from Eric’s room was Beverly Deering, who was in a knee-length white silk nightdress. Her hair lay tousled across her shoulders while her breast was exposed, as she didn’t tighten the strap on her nightdress.
  • With ringing ears, I quickly entered my room before closing the door. Even an idiot would know what happened last night upon witnessing a beautiful woman in her nightdress coming out from Eric’s room early in the morning. Suddenly, I was hit with flashbacks of how he treated me yesterday. He must’ve treated Beverly in the same way last night.
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