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Chapter 472 He Never Did Say He Love Me

  • “That’s not the case!” I quickly retorted.
  • “All is well as long as you don’t. Lilian, we’re friends, so I won’t sugarcoat my words. You can mess around with a man like Eric, but never should you take your relationship too seriously.”
  • Her words sent a chill down my spine. “I know that.”
  • “You have to remember what I told you. You can have sex with him, and you can make use of his resources to reach your own goals, but you should never fall for him, as it has dire consequences. Eric is different from Carson as Carson relied heavily on you, whereas Eric was born rich. A man like him could be much more ruthless when the situation calls for it, so do you understand why I’m telling you this?”
  • Despite knowing that Isabella meant me well, her words irked me nonetheless. While I never wanted to have sex with Eric, I allowed things to gradually play out as they did, bringing about a shift in my perspective although I never held out hope regarding our relationship prior to having sex with him.
  • I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. Was I expecting him to love me in return? He never did tell me so, instead opting to say that he liked me. Those were two entirely different concepts, as while he could like a lot of women, he would only hold one spot for the woman whom he loved wherein a married woman like me wouldn’t belong.
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