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Chapter 468 Lies Are Always Beautiful

  • I was so embarrassed that I was gripped by the urge to just jump off the building. However, Eric dipped his head and captured my lips before forcing his tongue into my mouth again. Meanwhile, his hands didn’t remain idle but roamed my body, igniting a blaze within me that I once again lost myself in him wantonly. Dissatisfied with such a position, he flipped me over. With my final shred of sanity, I voiced my protest, “No!”
  • “Yes! You’ll experience even greater pleasure in this position!”
  • He entered me deeply from behind, his every thrust forceful. Biting my lip, I was trying my utmost best not to make a single sound, but this had him chagrined. “Darling, are you enjoying it? If you are, moan aloud. Don’t contain it. I like it when you moan!”
  • Isabella is right! Men are all beasts underneath their clothes! He’s usually polite to a fault, so who would’ve thought that he’d utter such lewd remarks?
  • I bit my lip hard in remonstration, but in the end, I still couldn’t help moaning shamefully. Once again, he gave me ultimate bliss, and since I didn’t pass out this time, I found that it was a lot more pleasurable than last night. When everything had ended, he cuddled me in his arms, all sweaty. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t open my eyes anymore, but he persisted in kissing me on the forehead. His kiss was very light, so tentative that it was as though I was a precious treasure to him.
  • Carson has also once kissed me like this after we’d had sex, but the feeling he gave me was wholly different compared to Eric. I could sense Eric’s deliberate care as though I was a precious treasure to him. However, I couldn’t quite remember the feeling Carson gave me. A surge of shame welled within me. Why am I comparing Carson and Eric now? Carson is still my husband. Although we’d had a falling out, we’re still husband and wife in the eyes of the law. Meanwhile, Eric is merely a one-night stand. While he said he loves me, he also said that I’m not indispensable!
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