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Chapter 445 Ambiguous Reply

  • “We’ll see,” I said. By the next afternoon, Jenny and I boarded the flight to London. As there were no direct flights from Oakland to London, we had to make a transfer at Los Angeles before arriving in London at four o’clock. The long journey left me exhausted, so I went to bed after having a meal in the hotel.
  • I slept through the night, then went to Kensington Roof Gardens with Jenny after waking up and having breakfast the next morning. Information regarding Kensington Roof Gardens I could recite with ease; it was located on the rooftop of an unassuming building on Kensington High Street, which was in turn located in the bustling city center of London.
  • Constructed in 1938, it took up a space of 6,000 square meters and was divided into three themed gardens, including a Spanish garden, a clandestine Tudor-style garden, as well as an English water garden.
  • Not only did we get to admire the lavish decor in the garden and the exotic plants it contained, but we also came face-to-face with living flamingos. Aside from that, the garden was filled with thousands of blooming daffodils, autumn crocuses, grape hyacinths, as well as anemones.
  • It was hard to imagine that all the lush vegetation was planted on soil with a mere thickness of 1.5 meters, all the while creating a mesmerizing landscape alongside the aforementioned intricate architecture.
  • In the garden was a club that operated based on exclusive membership. As soon as we stepped into the elevator, we could see intricate fantasy-themed decorations and psychedelic colored lights. There were hookahs in the Morocco-themed corridor that led to the main courtyard, while we could look over the cityscape of London while enjoying a meal in the barbeque area.
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