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Chapter 433 D*mn Eric

  • No, Jenny doesn’t seem like the scheming kind, so she probably doesn’t know what is going on. I thought Eric would at least keep this news from being reported when he told me to relax, but he did nothing. Yeah, the day one can trust men, pigs would fly!
  • After I hung up, I started searching for the news and saw the picture that was taken last night. The paparazzi must have noticed us when we were eating the meat bun, for the following photos were taken after that. They had a clear shot of Eric, but not me. There were around five photos, including the one Eric feeding the meat bun to me and the rose purchase.
  • Because of the angle, they only got a vague shot of me from the side, but Eric had his face shown in all of them. The juicy caption read, ‘President of Walker International Seen in Bazaar With His New Girlfriend’.
  • There were already tens of thousands of comments there. Most of them were guessing who the girl was; some said it was Camille, some argued against it, while some cursed me. “D*mn you, Eric!” I cursed in anger.
  • Isabella looked back. “What’s wrong?” When she saw what I was reading, she gasped. “He’s feeding the girl, giving her a rose, and she’s in pajamas? Wait? Were you guys together last night?”
  • “What are you talking about?” I glared at her.
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