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Chapter 419 That Fast

  • “I’d probably be backed into a corner if that happens, but I won’t let him blackmail me, so I’ll get a divorce with him.”
  • Eric frowned, saying nothing. A while later, he said, “I get why he’s doing this now.”
  • “Sorry?”
  • Eric gave me a cryptic smile. “You don’t have to know about this, Lilian. Just survey the sky gardens like I asked you to. Who knows, things might change once you come back.”
  • After listening to the report, I knew who Eric was trying to sabotage. He raised the prices for both the raw materials and finished product, baiting his competition. They were just watching at first, but after Dylan made his move, they quickly purchased the raw materials in large volumes. At this, I was worried about Dylan. Does he know Eric is behind this? Will he make a huge loss if he doesn’t? Should I remind him?
  • Eric told me about this top secret info without hesitation, so I would be leaking business information if I told Dylan about it. It was treasonous, but I was worried about Dylan.
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