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Chapter 410 You Blew My Mind Today

  • “That’s right,” she admitted graciously. Then, she leaned against Eric very gently and placed her arm through his. In a coquettish tone, she said to him, “Eric, you didn’t even let me know that you’re stepping out, and I spent quite some time looking around for you.”
  • “I just came out for some fresh air,” he replied flatly and swept his gaze at me inconspicuously.
  • “I was just worried about you!” Reaching out her delicate hands, Camille straightened his clothes, and the way she was casually intimate with him hurt my eyes. When the scene where we were kissing passionately in the pavilion earlier appeared in my head, the irony couldn’t be much stronger, and I turned around to leave.
  • However, Camille smiled at me and said, “Lily, you really blew my mind today.”
  • Forcing a smile, I asked, “What do you mean?”
  • “I mean your dance. I didn’t know that you can actually dance so well. Many professionals can’t deliver the same as you did.”
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