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Chapter 406 A Favor for Someone

  • As such an outstanding person, Isabella wasn’t exaggerating at all when she said that Eric was the dream lover of countless ladies from prominent families.
  • So many women were interested in him, and he also had the stunning Camille by his side as well as the Piano Goddess, Beverly, whom I felt had some connection with him.
  • Both were rare beauties, and even without them, it shouldn’t be me—a married woman who was abandoned by her husband.
  • Perhaps he thought this was fun and exciting, or maybe he had other motives.
  • Although I tried my best to convince myself that everything that happened tonight was an accident, I couldn’t forget the tender look in his eyes, which kept popping up in my mind.
  • While my thoughts were running wild, I heard footsteps from outside the pavilion and turned to see Richard. “What are you doing here?” I asked defensively at the sight of him.
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