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Chapter 401 Move Out of My Way

  • “What kind of person do I think you are? Of course, you’re a beautiful woman to me!” Richard smirked playfully and shot me a nonchalant look.
  • “I think you’ve misunderstood me. Yes, it’s true that I would like to undertake the interior design of your company building, but I would like to achieve that through my abilities and not indecent deals.”
  • “Is that so? Then you’ll have to think twice about it, Miss Lilian.” He was now trying to advise me, still sounding self-righteous despite being rejected by me. “As a married woman, your value will fall regardless of how pretty you are. In contrast, I’m an eligible bachelor, and you can thank your lucky stars that I’m even interested in you. So, what’s so bad about becoming my woman? I’ll protect you and help you to achieve anything you want.”
  • “You?” I snorted. “Richard Tyson, I thought you’re a gentleman from your polite demeanor, but you’re actually a despicable person. You think I’ll sell myself out for merely the interior design of a building?”
  • “Of course it’s not about the design; I only want to give you the opportunity for a fair deal. If you agree, I can give you everything you want, and yes, you can turn me down as well. However, you’ll have to consider the consequences of rejecting my offer since there are lots of interior design companies out there with plenty of famous designers. By the way, here’s a reminder for you—Jolene from Figuro Design and Co. has already approached us for talks of collaboration.”
  • “F*ck you!” I cursed, unable to restrain my anger the moment Jolene’s name was mentioned. It seemed like he knew there was some bad blood between the both of us, so he actually used her to provoke me. This *sshole, who was worse than Eric, could keep dreaming for an eternity for me to yield. “You can give the project to anyone you like, but you have the wrong person if you think that I’ll concede to this. I have something else to attend to, so I won’t stay any longer!”
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