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Chapter 397 Should I Call You Kevin or Young Master Kevin Tyson?

  • As there were a number of people standing there, I wasn’t too sure who she was pointing at.
  • “That handsome young lad in the green suit. The one who is standing in the middle—that’s Young Master Tyson’s little brother.” From my direction, I could only see his back, and he did look kind of familiar, but I couldn’t recall off the top of my head, so I merely responded with a grunt.
  • With that, Isabella continued, “Richard Tyson has one younger brother who is about five or six years younger than him. Richard was raised overseas, whereas his brother was raised here. Both of them are quite different in terms of temperament and character.”
  • “I see,” I answered lightly. Frankly, I wasn’t at all interested in knowing about Richard’s younger brother.
  • “Don’t you look down on his younger brother. At a very young age, he is already a double degree holder. With his potential and capabilities, he is bound to have a promising future.”
  • As soon as the person turned around, I was dumbstruck when I saw his face. Him? The person Isabella referred to was actually Kevin Osborne! Initially, I thought I was seeing things, but after eyeing at him for a while, I was certain that he was none other than Kevin Osborne.
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