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Chapter 392 Pave the Way for Callie

  • "Nope, I'm not aware of it."
  • "Do you suppose it's because Dylan isn't interested in Callie, so he turned me down indirectly?"
  • "You really should mind your own business and just take care of yourself. Let the youngsters settle their own matters. Why do you worry so much?" My mom scolded.
  • "I've watched Dylan since young, and I know he is a very reliable child. Callie is a good child too. I'll feel relieved if both of them end up together."
  • "Feel relieved? What has it got to do with you?" I asked.
  • "You heartless child! It's all because of you!" Glaring at me, I understood that my mother was blaming me for rejecting to marry Dylan back then despite having been engaged, so my father felt he’d done Dylan wrong.
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