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Chapter 388 Consequences

  • “Unprocessed cottonseed oil is poisonous, which can lead to infertility.” Isabella knew better than I did as she grew up in a farming family. “There was someone in my home village who became infertile due to ingesting unprocessed cottonseed oil, but that would only be the case if the oil was ingested on a regular basis.”
  • “That’s just impossible, as such a poisonous product wouldn’t be sold on the market. Even if it was on the market, Jolene couldn’t possibly ingest it on a regular basis.”
  • “That was merely a surmise. Jolene is such a cruel b*tch, so I sure do hope that the heavens would make her somehow ingest it, which would make her infertile. That would teach her a lesson to be more kind!”
  • “I have another piece of good news for you, Isabella. Carson’s father chased Jolene away after that night.” I then informed Isabella of what happened that day.
  • “That old geezer sure is vicious, but Jolene merely got what she deserved. Meanwhile, you should leave them be as they fight each other.”
  • “Nah, I no longer want to remain on the sidelines. I will have to act immediately, as Carson and Jolene are just insidious. They set up a company behind my back. Jolene is currently working in it. I only came to know last night that its name is Figuro Design and Co.”
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