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Chapter 386 Callie Was Well-Dressed

  • “It’s a secret. You’ll know when you arrive at home.”
  • Upon my arrival at home, I saw Dylan’s car in the courtyard, while there was another red Porsche beside it. Thus, I was certain that one of the guests must be Dylan, but I had no idea who the other guest was.
  • While walking across the paved lane in the courtyard broodingly, my father and Dylan’s laughter could be heard coming out from the living room. As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw my father sitting across from Dylan on the sofa, while my mother sat beside my father. Meanwhile, there sat another woman beside Dylan, who was none other than Callie.
  • Dylan was the first to greet me upon my arrival. “Lily, where have you gone today?”
  • “I went shopping with Isabella,” I effortlessly lied.
  • Meanwhile, Callie greeted me cheerfully as well. “Lily, you’re finally home!”
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