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Chapter 380 There Is Love Between Them

  • “Eliza is as rude as her mother, who never filtered her words, including curse words. That was why her father threatened to abort the baby she was carrying. However, Eliza had such a vile disposition to her that she threatened her parents about bringing matters to the court if they were to lay a finger on the baby. The ruckus went on late into the night, then Eliza’s father and I left for home after that. By the next morning, he told me that Eliza liked strawberry juice, so he made her a huge cup of juice before pouring it into a bottle to give it a good shake. I didn’t pay him much heed back then, until I saw him do the same during lunchtime today. A few hours after Eliza drank the juice, she began bleeding, so who else could have had a hand in the miscaarriage other than that old man?”
  • “It must be Carson who ordered him to do so.”
  • “Lily, now that I have seen the old man doing that to Eliza, I recalled something that happened before this. Do you think he might be behind Jolene’s miscarriage?”
  • “Didn’t you tell me you were the one who did it?”
  • “But the miscarriage happened after only a single dose of my drug. I used to think that it was Jolene’s karma that resulted in her miscarriage, but I suddenly recalled that she used to like apple juice back then, and the old man was always the one who made her the juice. He never does any chores, so why would he want to make fruit juice all of a sudden? Besides, he only ever made apple juice, which coincidentally was what Jolene liked, and he only made the juice a few times, which he stopped doing altogether after her miscarriage.”
  • “But that doesn’t make sense, as the Boyers had been hoping to have a grandchild, so why would he even plan to abort Jolene’s baby?”
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