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Chapter 376 Would You Like to Sign a Contract With Me

  • Both Eric and Jolene were startled by my presence. When Eric stepped out from the lift in strides, Jolene smiled at me without following him. Instead, she bid him goodbye in a gentle tone. “I’ll be leaving now, Mr. Walker. Goodbye!”
  • “See you!” he replied in kind, which sounded different from how he usually spoke to me.
  • F*ck! Both of you are jerks! The blood within me was boiling while I hurried toward the restroom in strides.
  • After washing my face in the restroom to calm myself, I returned to sit down in my office. It was then when I saw a pop-up message on the bottom of the computer screen that read, ‘Come to my office for a minute!’
  • How dare he still summon me? Doesn’t he feel embarrassed at all?! Did he assume I wouldn’t have the guts to question his decision? Upon consideration, I realized how naive I was, as not only did I not put up my guard after falling into a trap that Carson had set, I went on to put my trust in another man, so it was a given that I would fall into another trap. I rubbed my face that was stiff from anger before putting on a more agreeable expression as I entered Eric’s office.
  • As soon as I stepped into his office, I was greeted by his smiling face which seemed somewhat guilty to me. He even had the audacity to ask, “Why did you leave in such a hurry?”
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