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Chapter 374 The Tea She Made

  • “Yeah, he told me to make him a cup of tea, but complained that it didn’t taste quite right after I made it, so he had me do it again for both him and his guest.”
  • “You’re his guest too, so he shouldn’t be doing this to you.” Jenny heaved a sigh. “Why don’t you let me do it?”
  • “Is that okay?”
  • “He wouldn’t know,” said Jenny as she led me to the pantry. I observed her as she prepared the tea, only to see the differences in our methods. All I did was add some tea leaves before pouring hot water into the cup, but Jenny didn’t do just that. First, she made sure she had just the right amount of tea leaves in the cup before adding a small amount of hot water to soak the leaves, then filled the cup with hot water until a centimeter below the edge of the cup.
  • I memorized those steps so that I would be able to deal with Eric’s shenanigans in the future. When I returned to his office, Eric was still speaking to Callie. With a nod, he took the cup from me when I handed it to him. “This smells about right.”
  • Meanwhile, I handed Callie her cup in silence, during which she flashed a smile at me. “Thank you, Lily.”
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