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Chapter 372 Special Medicine

  • My tolerance had reached its limit. “Mr. Walker, I do have a question that I’d like to ask. Didn’t you tell me Kevin’s girlfriend filed a complaint about me seducing him? I got confirmation from him today that he hasn’t got a girlfriend, so who was it that filed the complaint?”
  • “I did get a call that complained about you. As for why Kevin would deny it, that’s just normal. No man would admit their mistakes. I really can’t fathom you. It’s infuriating to see how foolish you can be!” Not only was Eric blabbering on, but he seemingly did so without guilt.
  • I figured that not everybody would be able to reach out to him via phone calls, as his ordinary clients would have to ask for permission before they could call, so I never believed for a second that anybody would be able to reach out to him that easily. “You should listen to what you say. I don’t think people can reach you that easily.”
  • However, Eric was quick to react, countering almost instantaneously, “They called the company hotline, but my employees dared not deal with the complaint as you’re a collaborator of ours, so they passed it to me.”
  • It wasn’t until then that I realized I couldn’t possibly argue with him, as he had a sharp wit, while I wasn’t on his level, so I decided to let it roll off my back. “Mr. Walker, let’s talk about the blueprint.”
  • “I’m not in the mood.”
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