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Chapter 363 The Bed Was Wet

  • Mention of the incident riled me up. It happened on the night of my birthday party at home when I was six. I had fun late into the night, only to wake up the next morning to realize that my bed was wet. Callie was sleeping beside me, but I didn’t know when she climbed onto my bed. That incident was why we never got along well.
  • Upon noticing the bed was wet, I gave her a push while asking if she wet the bed, only to have her cry out as soon as she woke up, “Lily wet her bed! She even got my pants wet!”
  • Despite the fact that she was guilty of it, her snitching on me turned me into the culprit in the others’ eyes. I was so ashamed that I could hardly say a word. In the end, all I did was cry as I thought I was the one who did it.
  • It wasn’t until Callie and the rest left that Mrs. Fant told me I didn’t wet my bed, as my pants were dry. That incident caused me to dislike Callie, so I stopped playing with her whenever she visited, nor did I share my toys with her after that.
  • “Why should I believe in you?” There was disdain on his face after hearing my denial.
  • “It’s up to you, but that is all I will say. If anything, I have never wet my bed since I was two.”
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