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Chapter 350 Shameless

  • “Why?”
  • “I’m hosting a party, so I’d like to invite the two of you.”
  • “Sure.” Isabella had instantly agreed.
  • Young Master Tyson seemed delighted upon seeing that she’d accepted the invitation. In no time, the food he ordered arrived as well. He had impeccable manners, for while he’d been talking incessantly before his food came, he no longer spoke when he started eating in silence. After eating, we then left the restaurant together, upon which he politely bid us farewell and emphatically reminded us not to forget about the party on Sunday.
  • When he’d left, I could no longer stifle my curiosity and asked, “Who’s this Young Master Tyson, Isabella? It seems that you have a close relationship with him?”
  • “He’s a wealthy heir, too. He’s quite capable in business, but we’re not exactly close. We’re merely acquaintances.”
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