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Chapter 349 Grinned

  • “Didn’t you notice how Callie addressed you earlier? She called you her elder cousin-sister! I think it was deliberate on her part.”
  • “I am older than her, so it’s normal that she referred to me as her elder cousin-sister.”
  • “Normal, my *ss! You’re the same age as her, merely a few months older than her. The two of you aren’t all that close anyway, so why did she have to emphasize the fact that you’re her ‘elder’ cousin-sister? She did that intentionally to have others think that she’s very young.”
  • Naturally, by ‘others’, she meant Eric Walker, but what has this got to do with me? It’s Callie’s business if she’s young and beautiful. I’m not interested in competing with her. Thus, I whispered, “It’s okay. I don’t mind, so why are you so bothered? Instead of sulking because of such a trivial matter, you’d be better served to contemplate what we should do later.”
  • “You’re right. I would’ve forgotten all about it if you hadn’t reminded me. What should we do in the afternoon?” Isabella’s attention was immediately diverted.
  • “I want to go and visit Keira. She’s been sent to the boarding school for a while now, and I’ve been restraining myself from visiting her. Why don’t you accompany me to visit her this afternoon?”
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