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Chapter 341 Afraid Of Being Ridiculed

  • Why won’t I get a divorce? Previously, it was because of Keira, for I couldn’t bear to have her hurt at such a tender age, but later, my reason slowly changed. After discovering that Carson and Jolene have done so many despicable things to me, my initial intention changed. Hatred and pain surrounded my heart, and I want to get justice for myself.
  • However, I didn’t know how to tell Eric everything I’d experienced. His life has been smooth sailing and fulfilling. He’d never once experienced betrayal and deception like me, so will he understand if I tell him the truth? Perhaps he might think that I’d gone mad. I inhaled deeply. “I can’t get divorced, at least not now.”
  • “Because of your reputation? Are you afraid of being ridiculed?”
  • “No. What reputation do I have left now?” I chuckled bitterly. “I think besides resentment, I don’t want my parents to worry.”
  • “You’re putting up with it just because of this? I think you’re really foolish. No parent would want to see his or her child suffer. If your parents know of your current situation, they’ll definitely persuade you to get a divorce.”
  • “I know, but my father’s health is very bad. He has just been hospitalized not long ago for cerebral hemorrhage. If I get a divorce, he’ll definitely find out the reason, and if he knows that I’ve been living such a life throughout the past five years…” I didn’t finish my utterance. After all, there was an angel and a devil within everyone’s heart. Before all this happened, I felt that my life was blissful and complete. The sky I saw was blue. However, the angel had now left, leaving the devil to take over my heart, and my sky was now gray. Hence, I was thinking of ways to take my revenge against Carson and would rather endure for the sake of vengeance.
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