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Chapter 34 Pick on Her

  • However, one could never outrun trouble. I’m not her fairy godmother! Does she think that my mother-in-law won’t pick on her just because I’m not home?
  • As I was sneering inwardly, the door swung open, admitting my mother- and sister-in-law. Upon seeing Jolene in the ward, a flash of contempt flitted across the former’s face, while the latter rolled her eyes at her. Jolene got to her feet at once. “You’re here, Mrs. Boyer? Eliza?”
  • Since I was there, my mother-in-law couldn’t go too far, so she harrumphed in acknowledgment. Without even looking her in the eye, she then promptly went over to my hospital bed and gazed at me amicably. “Lily, I cooked this porridge for you, so do try some.”
  • “Thank you, Mom, but I’m not hungry since I’ve just eaten.”
  • “Do you want to have some fruits, then? I’ll peel them for you.” My mother-in-law was truly too enthusiastic that it had me feeling that she was deliberately excluding Jolene.
  • It’s quite a brilliant idea to rope me in to deal with Jolene at this time, but I don’t want to get involved. Jolene is a despicable person, but she isn’t any better. At the end of the day, they’re a nest of vipers who’ll still join hands against me at the critical juncture, so why should I go along with her? If she wants to fight, she’ll just have to do it herself. I’m not interested in playing the game.
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