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Chapter 335 An Unknown Woman

  • Dumbfounded, I subconsciously glanced at my reflection in the glass window beside me. I don’t think I look unsightly tonight. Even if Eric Walker’s definition of beauty is different from others, it can’t possibly be so different, no? All of a sudden, I recalled Camille’s straight hair. Could it be that he only likes women with straight hair? This seems to be the only explanation. He likes straight hair, so he hopes that all women around him have straight hair? Hah, did he think he’s the emperor? Inwardly, I resolved to keep this hairstyle to irritate him.
  • In no time, the server came with the food we ordered. At the sight of the delicious food, I lost interest in arguing with Eric and merely ate the food before me quietly. Eric said nothing either, sipping red wine leisurely and eating his food. However, I perpetually sensed his gaze lingering on me. Sure enough, when I placed my cutlery down and picked up my glass, he suddenly asked, “Don’t tell me your new look today is to please me?”
  • Even if I were truly trying to please him, he shouldn’t be asking me bluntly like this, much less when I’d once embarrassed myself before him. My temper flared at this. “President Walker, you think too highly of yourself.”
  • “I’m glad you didn’t do this to please me.” He then squinted slightly, looking surprisingly enticing. “I was truly surprised to see you with curly hair earlier. Honestly speaking, you look much better with straight hair than curly hair.”
  • I smiled faintly. “Your tastes are always different from others, President Walker. I don’t think I look all that good with straight hair, and everyone around me said curly hair suits me. Don’t tell me you have some sort of obsession with straight hair, President Walker?”
  • “Of course not. Curly and straight hair are both unique in their own ways, but as you know, not everyone looks good with curly hair.”
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