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Chapter 332 Blind to Have This Woman Move In

  • “The old geezer said Jolene has gone to the police station with Carson. He told me not to tell anyone this, especially you. He’s over the moon now. When he mentioned Jolene, contempt was written all over his face as he groused about Carson being blind to have this woman move in. He even condemned Jolene and Robin as two ungrateful scoundrels.”
  • It seems that Carson’s father really trusts Victoria since he even said as much to her. I scoffed at this. “Got it. Continue monitoring this matter and tell me if there's any news.”
  • After hanging up the phone, I accompanied my parents to stroll around for a while longer before going back to my bedroom. I didn’t dare lie down since my back was injured, so I lay on my front on the bed as I scrolled my cell phone. I opened WhatsApp, but just when I was about to tell Isabella this joyous news, I glimpsed the message Eric sent me—‘Are you there?’
  • I wanted to ignore him, but I was afraid that it was a business matter, so I simply replied with a single word—‘No.’
  • ‘I have something interesting to tell you. Would you like to know?’
  • ‘Whatever.’
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