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Chapter 331 Walking on Clouds

  • A reply came from Victoria at once—‘The old geezer didn’t tell me the reason, but he’s all smiles. I’ll feel him out when the opportunity arises and inform you once I find out anything.’
  • I answered with a single word—‘Okay.’ Victoria wouldn’t be able to get me the answer anytime soon, but I was feeling rather antsy, impatient to know the reason. Looks like I’ve got to get someone to make discreet inquiries to find out exactly why Robin was arrested.
  • As I was thinking this, my father suddenly remarked, “Lily, you seem troubled.”
  • “Nope, I’m not troubled.” I flashed him a smile. Abruptly recalling my father’s vast connections, I asked, “Dad, do you have any acquaintances in the police force?”
  • “Yes. Chief Lawson and I have been friends for many years. Why are you asking?”
  • “My friend’s brother has been arrested today, so I’d just like to know why.”
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