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Chapter 321 Millimeters Away

  • Luckily, I knew how to swim. I choked for a bit, but I got up quickly.
  • On the other hand, Eric not only didn’t pity me after I fell into the pool and was drenched, he laughed without restraint. “You’re all wet now!”
  • Annoyed, I splashed some water at him, and it got him right in the face. Bullseye. Now, it was my turn to laugh, while he glared at me. “You’re getting it now.”
  • “Come on!” I made a face at him.
  • “You think I won’t?” Eric took his shoes off and jumped into the pool.
  • “You’re mad!” I quickly swam forward to escape him, but I was too late, for Eric had grabbed me, and I had no way to run.
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