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Chapter 301 Argument

  • “If the alternative is you insulting me, then yes.”
  • “Gutsy.” He sneered. “Do you know what will happen if you leave just like this?”
  • “I can just quit.”
  • “It’s not just you. Your company is going to be dragged into this. I’ll spread the word about your responsibility, but I’ll only attack your company, not you. Yes, Riverdale has a lot of companies, but I think I can bring any company’s reputation down easily. You come from a rich family, so of course, you can get by without having to work, but what about your colleagues? They’ll be laid off or perhaps receive pay cuts, and the company might even face bankruptcy. Won’t you feel guilty?”
  • I recalled what President Smith said earlier about how everything could change before contracts were signed. Could Eric decide not to purchase President Smith’s company because of this? President Smith was kind to me, so I couldn’t drag him into this. Thinking of this, I dialed my tone down a notch. “But you started it. Why would they blame me for it?”
  • “Why wouldn’t they? If you had just calmed down and taken my advice instead of arguing, your company wouldn’t lose the deal. We’d still be working together, they’d keep their jobs and salaries, and the company wouldn’t close down.”
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