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Chapter 300 Explicit Threat

  • This guy always hit where it hurt the most. I took a deep breath. “I’m touched that you care for me this much, but I’m here as my company’s representative, so please leave personal matters out of business.”
  • “Is that so? Should I remind you where you stand, Miss Hawkins? There are a lot of designers in Riverdale, so if you can’t produce a design I like, I might hand the job to another person.”
  • “I understand, Mr. Walker. I’ll try my best to meet your expectations.”
  • “I’m glad you understand. Oh, you know Miss Hamilton, don’t you? She came to me today and showed me her design. I think it’s better than yours, though only by a bit.”
  • He’s threatening me openly, huh. But I smiled. “Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Walker. It’s a good motivation. May the best designer prevail.”
  • “Good. I hope you won’t disappoint me. By the way, if you fail this time, I might give the sky garden job to Miss Hamilton.”
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