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Chapter 290 He Deliberately Drugged Me

  • If Victoria did see Jolene buying those abortion pills, it would undeniably be my opportunity, as I had waited for a chance to find fault against her.
  • “I was only guessing that you were pregnant. Previously, Carson wasn’t that caring toward you, but during that period of time, he was pampering you so much. Upon observing closely, I noticed you were taking folic acid and all other supplements that were meant for pregnant ladies, so I figured you were pregnant. Regarding the abortion pills, I suspected it was Robin who bought them. Before your accident, Robin came over to visit Jolene without anyone knowing. While observing Robin closely, I saw him passing something to Jolene.”
  • What a cruel and unscrupulous son of a b*tch! Initially, I thought Robin just knew of the affair between Carson and Jolene, but I had never expected he would be involved in this as well.
  • “All of the Hamiltons are the devil incarnate! Every single one of them!” cursed Victoria as she saw the change in my expression.
  • Trying to hold in my rage, I asked, “What did you do to cause Jolene’s miscarriage?”
  • “When you were admitted to hospital due to miscarriage, Jolene was utterly thrilled! She went out with Mrs. Boyer every day, enjoying sumptuous feasts together without even feeling sorry for you at all. I couldn't stand the sight of them anymore, so I made my move. Didn't she give you abortion pills? I let her have a taste of her own medicine by changing her pills, too."
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