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Chapter 289 Jolene Sneaked Into Your Room

  • Shaking her head, Victoria denied, “No, it was just a coincidence. I only knew of Jolene when I came to your house to work as a housekeeper. When the Housekeeping Company introduced me to Carson and his mom, she had quite a good impression of me, thus began to chat with me. She mentioned having a rich but arrogant daughter-in-law who would make things difficult for me if I were to work with them, and asked if I was willing to take up the job.”
  • As expected, my mother-in-law was bad mouthing about me, but I didn’t really care. “What happened later?”
  • “She said my wage would be 4000 a month. I figured it was a good price hence agreed to it. Then, she listed out a few items for me to take note of, which included everyone’s personal preference, but she had purposely left you out. Also, she pointed out that I’d be there to take care of a pregnant lady. After agreeing to all the terms, she said she would inform me. A week later, I was informed to report for work at your house.”
  • This only meant that my mother-in-law had already made plans to hire Victoria prior to Jolene officially moving into our place. Completely numbed out by all of their doings, I had basically shut down emotionally and looked toward Victoria. "So, was it an impulsive decision to harm Jolene’s baby?"
  • "Yes. Initially, I didn't plan to do anything to her. But that slut was just as shameless as her mother! I couldn't stand seeing her being this ungrateful and treating you that way, hence I did it." I could tell she was hinting that she knew of the affair between Jolene and Carson.
  • "When did you realize Jolene was about to harm me?" Not believing in Victoria’s every word, I was trying to pick holes in what she said.
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