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Chapter 279 Cameras

  • “Young Master Dylan!”“President Newman!”
  • As the journalists called out to Dylan, he simply waved his hand at them in an elegant manner. On the other hand, the flashing lights of the cameras were so bright that I couldn’t open my eyes as I moved forward in a stiff manner. Fortunately, Dylan was holding my hand, otherwise, I would have fainted on the sp
  • ot.
  • The short distance to the exhibition center felt like a long one to me. Upon entering the center, I heaved a sigh of relief, let go of Dylan’s hand, and pressed against my chest with my hands. “It was so frightening!”
  • “I thought you’re ready since you’re dressed up so formally. I didn’t expect that you’d be so flustered,” Dylan teased as he looked at me.
  • “I thought it’s just like going to watch a movie—we get in, finish the movie, and leave. I wouldn’t have come if I knew this was what I would face.”
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