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Chapter 266 Slandering Eric Behind His Back

  • “No.”
  • “Eric is bad-tempered and doesn’t think before he speaks. Don’t take his words to heart.”
  • “No, I was just worried that you might fall out with him. After all, there will be countless encounters between you guys as both of you are doing business in the same city.”
  • “Don’t worry, I know when to stop. Moreover, it was just a banter between us, so I believe it won’t affect our businesses.” Dylan shrugged it off.
  • “That might not be the case because Eric is a petty and vindictive man. You have to be careful.”
  • “Are you saying that Eric is a petty and vindictive man?” Dylan couldn’t help laughing. “Most fellow businessmen regard him to be generous, capable, and kingly. He would be laughed at if others heard what you said.”
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