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Chapter 264 He Wouldn't Deign to Pick Up the Ticket From the Trash Can

  • However, my worry was unnecessary. After Dylan and I came out of the elevator and entered the VIP hall, Eric and Camille were nowhere to be seen.
  • I recalled that Eric had thrown the ticket into the trash can, so he probably wouldn’t deign to pick it up again. Perhaps he isn’t here to watch the opera. Since there will be an orchestra in the nearby concert hall, maybe they’re here for the orchestra.
  • The thought made me feel relieved. Ten minutes after Dylan and I were seated, the opera started. Since Eric and Camille were still nowhere to be seen, I became totally at ease.
  • As I waited for the performance to begin, the lights slowly dimmed. All of a sudden, I caught a whiff of perfume, which caused me to sneeze. Dylan, who was seated on my right, turned to me and asked worriedly, “Are you feeling unwell?”
  • “No.” As soon as I finished my words, I sensed that someone was taking a seat beside me. Turning around, I was stunned to see Eric.
  • Fortunately, I happened to have covered my mouth with my hand. Noticing Eric, Dylan flashed a smile at him. “What a coincidence.”
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