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Chapter 261 Got Out of My Bed to Look For Mrs Fant

  • The thought of this made me jump. I needed to figure out Robin’s bank account details.
  • This wasn’t hard, as I just needed to get someone who worked closely with the banks to check it.
  • A perfect candidate flashed past my mind. Mrs. Fant’s son, Scott Fant, was working at the headquarters of The People’s Bank in Riverdale, so getting Robin’s information wouldn’t be a problem.
  • I immediately got out of bed to look for Mrs. Fant to get Scott’s contact number while Mrs. Fant didn’t hesitate to give me his phone number. I took the phone number back to my room before keying it in my phone and calling him.
  • Scott sounded shocked when he heard my voice. “Lilian?”
  • “Scott, I need your help to do something. Can you take advantage of your working position to help me to get the bank information of someone else?”
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