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Chapter 26 Ingratiating Myself

  • “Oh, it’s for Mom later.”
  • Upon hearing this, Carson looked at me with plain appreciation. “You’re always so thoughtful.”
  • Jolene’s expression turned disgruntled when she saw him commending me. However, she couldn’t do anything since she definitely wouldn’t be able to gain any favor from my mother-in-law were she to go and provoke her at this time. She must be very familiar with my mother-in-law’s temper, so she isn’t being all enthusiastic to trail along as usual and ask after her wellbeing to avoid getting into trouble herself. Meanwhile, I wasn’t ingratiating myself for merit. Rather, I’ve already figured out a way to teach her a lesson.
  • After dinner, my sister-in-law helped my father-in-law out for a walk. Jolene, on the other hand, deliberately stayed in the kitchen to clean up with Victoria, but it was merely a pretext, for she just stood at the side and chatted while surreptitiously keeping her gaze on Carson. Inwardly, I sneered, This b*tch must have a lot to say to Carson, huh? Well, I’m just not giving her the chance!
  • I didn’t take Keira out for a post-meal stroll as usual but carried the dishes I took earlier to my mother-in-law’s room. Since she had the covers over her head as she sulked in bed, I stifled my abhorrence and walked over to her bed before coaxing softly, “Mom, I brought you some food, so do get up and have some.”
  • She had her back to me and said nothing. It’s clear as day that her fury today is because of me and Jolene. She just wants me to use money to mollify her like before on the pretext of feeling unwell. Staring at her back, my lips curved upward. She’s still thinking that I’m the same fool back then, so this time, I’ll have her know the consequences of putting on such a despicable show!
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