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Chapter 252 His Seduction

  • Eric didn’t say anything but continued staring at me. There was just something in his eyes that made my heart race. Feeling my face flushing, I quickly lowered my gaze, afraid of seeing him. Right then, Eric’s seductive voice rang out next to my ear. “Your heart is beating so fast. I wonder what are you afraid of?”
  • “I-I’m not afraid.”
  • “Then, why won’t you look at me?!”
  • I mustered the courage to meet Eric’s eyes that looked so gentle it might melt my heart. Staring at him stupidly, I watched as he slowly lowered his head closer to mine. Right when Eric’s lips were about to meet mine, we were interrupted by a cheerful ringtone from my phone.
  • Eric immediately moved back and went back to his place while I snapped out of a daze and returned to my senses. Moving forward would result in a black hole while taking a step back led to heaven. I was really grateful because Eric and I would have already kissed if it weren’t for this call.
  • I was a married woman, and having intimate interactions with another man outside my marriage would be considered cheating. Although Carson had already betrayed our marriage, it didn’t mean that I should let myself do the same. Afraid to meet Eric’s gaze, I grabbed my phone and ran out of his office.
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